Group Mentoring for Small Businesses.

Last year I took a leading role in setting up a Group Mentoring scheme for Small Businesses and Solopreneurs that was aimed at supporting them in growing there businesses. There were 5 to 7 business owners in each group and they were mentored over a period of eight months.

It was such a pleasure supporting these enthusiastic entrepreneurs and supporting them in any way I could (coaching, finding answers, connecting them to resources, webinar training and more).

When the first group was almost through their time on the programme we asked them what were the 3 things they got most out of being part of the Group Mentoring scheme?

I want to share the results with you here.


About Group Mentoring

Group mentoring is similar to a Mastermind Group in that the businesses that take part mentor each other while a facilitator directs the topics and facilitates interactions.

What did our group find most useful?

They appreciated meeting with a group of like-minded people because they didn’t feel so alone or isolated in their business when they had the group to call on for support.
This was so important it surprised them.
They hadn’t realised how much they were restricting their thinking and ultimately the growth of their business because they hadn’t had that opportunity to explore ideas and think outside of the day to day running of their business and had instead dismissed ideas out of hand.


The opportunity to discuss ideas and get feedback from the group. Often the group would see potential where the business owner couldn’t and there was almost always a group member who had already experienced and come through a challenge another group member was facing.
This support made a difference in the time frame and approach to overcoming new challenges, especially around growth strategies (hiring, relocation, legal issues, expansion etc.).


The opportunity to work together. To collaborate and joint venture or to hire each other and increase their mutual networks. This was instrumental in the growth of the businesses involved.


The Results

All of the businesses in the group met their targets and a couple were so fuelled by the opportunity to step outside of their business and take a fresh perspective that they took bold steps to achieve substantial growth.

Your Opportunity to Experience Group Mentoring

I am hosting a VIP Business Boost Mastermind Day on 17th to 18th July (overnight accommodation included), which is supported by my online Group Mastermind programme. 

There are only 6 places available and you can find full details here

Consider a group Mastermind if you are serious about growing your business. Whether it is mine or someone else’s, I believe you’ll see a massive return. Not just in revenue but also in momentum and growth for your business.

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