Working from and building your own business, what a dream!

I know that’s what I feel about my business. I want to be location free and I want to be in charge of my destiny.

The reality, for me at least isn’t always as easy as I had hoped. And my biggest enemy is myself!

The Truth of Solo Business Success

One of the truths that is seldom spoken about is the level of support required to succeed in business.

Being a ‘from home’ Solo Business owner increases our chances of failing in business.

It really is important to get a VA, a Coach, Join a group of peers and those ahead of you, so that you have the encouragement, accountability and support you need. The five people you spend most of your time with determine your success, so hang out with those who inspire and remind you of your worth and what’s possible.

Most really successful entrepreneurs have the support of a life partner/spouse and build a team around them to perform the tasks they are not skilled in and support them with launches, marketing, events, video etc.

Being Solo Mindset

As someone who lives and works alone myself, I understand how tough it can be to keep inspired, believe in yourself and commit to your business and your dream.
Life can often get in the way. I can get in the way…

Sometimes Monday comes around and I don’t want to move from my bed.

If this resonates, remember there are steps you can take to change it for you.”

I sometimes justify my reluctance to begin my day, because no-one’s watching and after-all I’ve been through a lot in the past few years. And who cares?

It’s Easy For Me to Come Up With Reasons and Excuses.

And that won’t get me any closer to my dreams and away from where I am right now.

I have spent 6 months experimenting and working out what inspires me and calls me to get up and get positive. New habits, new kindnesses, new friends.

Everyome is different and some things will work for me and not someone else, so play and experiment if you feel you would like to start Monday jumping out of bed ready for your day.

Here are 3 really simple things that I do to get my day off to a good start:

1) Morning Music and Exercise

I choose a ‘morning anthem’ for the week and three songs that I can move/dace/exercise to.

This week, I begin posting these in my Free Facebook Membership Group – Solo Business Success From Home 

The first idea (morning anthem) is taken from the book E3 (cubed).

I choose a tune I want to get out of bed to. ‘Lovely day’, ‘Perfect Day’ etc and I get up, wash my face and clean my teeth, and get my exercise clothes on ready for the next 3 songs.

I exercise for 10 – 15 minutes. I follow the ‘

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Sometimes I just choose to dance, go for a short run – move.

If I don’t manage to do it one day I just start again the next day.

I use my Amazon Dot by setting a ‘Start My Day’ playlist so I don’t get distracted looking for the right music.

After completing my exercise I go on to step 2…

Step 2 – Walking

I Take my dogs for a walk.

Irrespective of the weather.

I put my coat on over my workout clothes and we go. It may be 30 minutes it may be and hour depending on my schedule for the day.
I love to get out in the fresh air and keep up that movement and energy I started with the morning exercise.

I feel truly blessed.
I live in a forest – a national park.

However, even when I lived near London or in a small town, I used to walk every morning. I really notice the effects on my body, health and weight if there’s a period of time when I can’t walk
Having the dogs has been a blessing for me.

On the days I don’t feel like going I remind myself of how amazing I feel once I am out and appreciating that I can walk;
that I can take this time out for me and the dogs; that I am blessed.

Step 3 – Water

When I get back from my walk, I make sure I drink plenty of water and a have a long refreshing shower.

I aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Hydration really helps me keep me energised. I notice how lethargic I feel on days I haven’t drank enough.

Next I dress for business so I feel the part and am ready for work.

A ten minute mindfulness meditation, breakfast and strong coffee and I am set for the day.

Stay Focused and Positive Throughout the Day:

There are simple things you can do to keep yourself energised and inspired all day long. 

a) Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
b) If you begin to feel down, negative or in a slump get up and move. Dance to a high energy song. Sing along. Go for a walk or run. This changes your state, interrupts your negative thoughts and shifts your energy.
c) Have a couple of ‘mindfullness breaks’ where you check in with your breathing and relax your body to release any tension you may be holding.
d) Focus on what you are achieving. Celebrate and give yourself rewards. Your unconscious mind will move more easily toward success if you train it with rewards.
e) Enjoy! Have fun wherever possible. Joy and happiness is attractive. You are likely to find yourself attract new customers, support and friendships.

What is your morning routine? Share what works for you in the comments.

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