Heather V Masters

Business & Life Coach (Digital/Tech, Mindset - NLP, Hypnosis & Timeline)
Freeing Solo-Business Owners To Focus On What They Love And Do Best

Hi, I’m Heather! I love partnering with entrepreneurs to transform their Business and results, freeing them to do what they love and do best!

My Story

I returned to Northumberland almost 25 years to the day, after many adventures around the country and around the world. My consultancy, coaching and training work has taken me to the US, to South Africa, to Australia, to India and more.
From trainee to Senior Manager, I feel truly blessed to have learned from, and experienced a range of business cultures while living in fabulous places and having met amazing people. I also spent time (10 years +) in and around London working with Small and Medium businesses as well as big Corporate names.
None of that really prepared me for returning home to Northumberland to care for my seriously ill parents until their deaths.

What did prepare me?

Life experience and the tools, understanding and self-awareness gained through my journey with NLP and Personal development.
So here I am in a very blessed position of starting over with bag loads of knowledge and experience, bucket loads of Emotional Intelligence and Resilience, and a great network of support ready for my new adventure – supporting you in your transformation.

My Values & Beliefs

I believe everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams

When I work with clients I 100% believe they can achieve the goals and desires they want to. And it is from that perspective I champion, cheer and challenge you to reach your potential.

Privacy and Confidentiality

I passionately protect your confidentiality and privacy, and support you in all areas of your life.


I honour and respect each and every client I work with. I hold the space for them to be who they are, have the views, beliefs and truth that is theirs alone. I facilitate your success from this perspective.

My Approach

I work with you to move through blocks, overcome stress and struggle and reach the targets, goals and vision that you choose.

I hold the space for your transformation, supporting you with absolute belief in your ability to make the shift that will change everything for you. I will challenge you to be more than you think you can and to see the possibilities beyond your current experience.


The heart of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the idea of modelling excellence. I work with you to uncover your exquisite strategies of thinking and acting and help you to consciously use them for your success and higher good.

I also work with Universal Laws to assist you in being your best self and making the difference you believe you are here to make.

I see every client as an indivdual with unique potential and I work them in partnership to release and realise that potential with grace and ease.

Your Commitment

This requires not only your permission to help, also your absolute commitment to your own results.
I commit myself 100% to supporting you in getting those results and providing accountability, coaching and facilitation (and sometimes training) to assist you. I use all of my skills and training to work with your unconscious as well as your conscous mind in order to work through blocks, release destructive patterns and provide new positive alternatives that empower and accekerate your results.

Are Your Ready To Start?

If this resonates and you would like to find out more lets chat to explore what’s right for you

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Coaching Resources

The Love Audit eBook

Self Belief, self worth and self esteem are essential to creating the life of your dreams. Without them it’s a constant struggle. Explore your deep identity in this e-book.


Clear the past, get clarity on your ‘why’ and what you want, and create the future you want.

Unconventional thinking, and tools for unconventional results!

3 Week Business 7

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