Do you constantly find yourself signing up for more than you can handle?

I got through yesterday in one piece, even though it was my third 17 hour working day in a row. My brain feels like mush and I have my grumpy head on.
Have you ever had that feeling where you are giving more than your all and wondering if it’s worth it?
I’m right there now. Bumping up against the truth that I chose this and I can unchoose it if I want to.

A coach friend of mine pointed out that as I have set expectations I will be out of integrity if I don’t show.

Is that true? It’s been bothering me today. Not that I wouldn’t just not show up without a very good reason (like the car has broken down and I’m stranded in the middle of the no-where where I live).

Is that out of integrity?
Also, if it just all gets too much and I call a stop to this madness because I’m just not functioning is that out of integrity. Things to  ponder.

Your heart races just at the thought, fear rises and your mind screams ‘No!’. You want to run. You want to be anywhere else of do anything else.

Over- commitment is a Common Habit of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs tend to be over achievers who will take on many projects. Sometimes, this can get them into trouble when they find themselves juggling more projects than they can handle.

I do find myself saying ‘yes’ to too many things and throwing myself into challenges to stretch myself and puch myself.
And I also acknowledge that I use this as a form of avoidance.

I have a fear of failure and a fear of success. It’s easier to give myself reasons to fail by taking on too many things, pushing myself too hard, not giving myself the space and time to deliver my best work.




It’s A Learning

I remind myself as I notice what I’m saying yes to and notice my daily to-do list expand beyond a single page.
I acknowledge where I’m at in my thinking. Am I in avoidance? With this really reap rewards? Can I realistically cope?

Take this week: 3 Facebook lives, a blog challenge, creating an event launch and seeing clients, it’s been full on.
I recognise that I am in avoidance mode and I also recognise that I’m bumping up against some real deep negative beliefs and I can use this week of madness to breakthrough.

Sometimes digging myself deeper forces me to come out the other side transformed. And this is something big for me. So I’m keeping going. Negative habits and all. I’m keeping going in sharp, painful awareness.

What about you?

Do you find yourself repeating negative patterns of overwhelm either as avoidance tactic or through fear (of not being enough, being worthy, proving yourself, failing, success – choose the one that resonates).

If so keep it in sharp awareness and choose to either step away or lean into it aiming for a positive outcome.

Set Personal Boundaries Around What You Will and Won’t Do and What You Can and Can’t Do

Taking Time Out To Set Boundaries is Essential For Your Success

Check-in on your values and your standards.
What are you willing to do?
What are you no longer willing to do?
What do you do begrudgingly? 
What do you complain about or when do you feel taken advantage of?

You can manage this. Your life and work is your responsibility.
Set boundaries and stick to them (note to self!)

I hope this little exploration jas been helpful. 
Say hi in the comments if it was.


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