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    Frequently Asked

    What is the aim of coaching?

    Almost every successful person has a coach or mentor. Coaching is aimed at helping you do better and we all have room to improve.

    What will a Coach Do?

    A coach will challenge you to do those things you may resist on your own, those things that will drive you forward in your life, to help you overcome obstacles, breakthrough self-imposed limitations and champion you to greater confidence, self-esteem and self belief.

    What is required of me?

    You choose the goals and challenges to work on.
    You choose where you want to go.
    You commit to the process and to your goals.
    You take responsibility for taking action.
    You take responsibility for your results.

    What specifically will you (the coach) do?

     I facilitate your achievement with my questioning skills, ability to help you see your blind spots and using tools such as NLP, hypnosis and Values coaching to enable you to get the results you want.
    I challenge, support and champion you to success.

    What is NLP?

    NLP is the study of what works.

    It is the study of experience and how the mind, body, unconscious mind, our values and beliefs, our strategies for doing something, the filters we use, the language we use internally and externally (and more) come together to create our experience. 
    Once we understand how we do what we do we can change it (if it is ecological and desired).

    This is a very short summation.

    Online Coaching Resources

    The Love Audit eBook

    Self Belief, self worth and self esteem are essential to creating the life of your dreams. Without them it’s an constant struggle. Explore your deep identity in this e-book.


    Clear the past, get clarity on your ‘why’ and what you want, and create the future you want.

    Unconventional thinking, and tools for unconventional results!

    3 Week Business 7

    Do you want success? Are you committed to raising your game for 3 weeks to get maximum results? Are you ready for daily tasks?

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