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I have created a range of courses to support transformation in business and in life. My aim is to Facilitate|Empower|Transform.
I look forward to assisting you on your journey.


Discover how you can set yourself free to do what you love while getting extraordinary results and transforming your life in all ways.

In this 12 week – 3 part interactive workshop:

  • Clear the past,
  • Get clear on your ‘why?’, Purpose and direction
  • Create the future that you know you can.

Interactive Coaching, training, implementation and Q&A modules

3 Part – 12 Week Coaching Programme

Introduction to NLP for Business

Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP is the study of what works. 

BLENDING business leadership with cutting edge personal development This is an introduction to a programme of accelerated learning and development.

The course is tailored to business needs while challenging every participant to fulfil their own potential – in both their business and personal life. 

You will find that you are able to create more of what you want, more often and more easily. 

3 Modules

Business Masters - Business Planning & Strategy

An exclusive opportunity for 8 committed Entrepreneurs/Micro Business owners to support each other and be supported with training, coaching and mentoring over the period of a year.

The focus is on business growth, getting good customers and keeping them, productivity/effectiveness, and support to achieve goals.

The programme includes:

  • 4 ‘live – offline’ group Strategy retreats
  • Online monthly Mastermind sessions
  • access to all training programmes
  • access to podcasts and interviews with business leaders
  • Monthly business pack

12 Month Programme

5 Steps to a Social Media Strategy that Works

With the explosion of networks, groups, participants and content on social, a social media strategy will help you stay focused on your objectives and will allow other team members/resources to participate in execution.

This video training will guide and support you through the steps to developing your social media strategy in line with your business goals.

We cover implementation plans which include producing Content and Social Posting Plans and Calendars.

5 sections – 10 modules

Online Success Academy

If you want the freedom to focus on what you love then this is for you!

This programme gives you access to the technical, business, well-being and mindset training, coaching, facilitation to get the results you’ve been looking for: business growth, effectiveness and productivity systems that free you up, mindset perspectives to take you to the next level, and one-to-one support and accountability – the pillars of your growth and expansion.

7 Courses and growing

The Service Practice Startup

You’ve completed your certification and received some basic Business Training and realise there’s a lot more to running a practice that you thought.

This programme covers:

  • Your Business Model, Planning and Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Operations and processes
  • Leading and growing your business
  • Remarkable Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Finances
  • Technology, Systems, Mobile and the Internet
    and much more!

25 Modules – 6 Months Interactive

6/12 Months Freedom Business Builder

Freeing Solo-Business Owners To Focus On What They Love And Do Best

Many coaches, trainers, consultants and creative  Business owners long to focus on what they love and do best and leave the ‘business stuff’ to someone  else. If this is you then read on…

This ‘hands on’ programme aims to help you take the steps to build a business that not only frees you to do what you love, but scales, grows and attracts your perfect customers, while increasing profits.

I work with you to put systems, structure and automation in place that allow you to focus on what you do best, around a lifestyle that you choose.

6 or 12 Month Coaching, Training and Operations/Process Implementation

Business 7 - 2 week intensive

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2 Courses

The Love Audit

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19 Courses

Digital and Social Media - Business Success in the Digital Economy


  • Does your Social Media and Digital plan feel like an ‘Add on’ to your business?
  • Is it more of a ‘should have’ rather than a core component of your business and marketing strategy?
  • Have you attended the ‘how to’ training and things are still not working for you?
  • Have you invested in training your staff and you are not seeing the benefit in your bottom line?
  • Are you just not seeing the results you want in your business from Social and Digital Media?


The main purpose of this 12 week Workshop is for you to walk away understanding how digital and social work specifically for your business, to implement strategies unique to you so that you get the results you want, and to create a Strategy Blueprint, executable Plan and action sheets you can use for all of your marketing and content immediately and going forward.

In this immersive workshop you will:

  • Create a strategy for your business, brand and digital/social (worth £1200 in consultancy) that you can use as a Blueprint for all of your marketing
  • Know how to create a ‘joined up’ Business and Digital strategy that supports your brand and meets your objectives
  • Create and manage content that gets results
  • Learn how to make sure your unique proposition, brand and values are represented online
  • Have a content creation plan you are working with and Have a digital/social calendar that works for you
  • Assess Scaling opportunities: Understand online sales funnels, automation and email marketing and how to use it to achieve your goals and leverage results
  • Audit your Business Strategy and Plan,  online and digital strategy/presence
  • Know how to use digital/Social media to attract leads, and convert customers
  • Understand the importance of mobile marketing and e-commerce and how they apply
  • Review and Optimise your web site
  • Refine your core messaging
  • Receive templates for content calendars, social media audit and check, social asset optimisation, Digital Plan and more

12 Weeks – Group Workshops and Coaching

Free Courses

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Premium Courses

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