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Twitter Strategy Checklist


Check out your Twitter results, action plan and Strategy using this useful Checklist

Social Media Platforms Set-Up Checklist & Record

This document encourages you to audit you Social Media Presence:- Platforms, optomisations and login details

A really useful document to hold offline as a reminder


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3 Myths Of Digital and Social Media Marketing

5 Uncommonly know goal blockers

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When You Can’t Say Goodbye

When You Can’t Say Goodbye

I wasn't there... He was a continent away and I wasn’t there. I heard by email. A shock that rocked my world. I wasn’t there and couldn’t get to the funeral. My soulmate had died and I wasn’t there. To lose someone I loved was so very painful. It changed my future,...

When Everything Changes in an Instant

When Everything Changes in an Instant

Around 10 Years Ago... I was taken out at the knees. My vision of my life, my future,  lay in broken pieces before me. My concept of who I am and where I belonged lay there to. Nothing was as it was, nor could ever be again. A fog of despair clouded my view and an...

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