oI’ve had one of those days!

Actually it’s longer than a day. It all began in the middle of the night when my beautiful golden girl, Sandy, decide to throw up part of a bone and then worried me by continuing to cough for a good 10 minutes. Luckily, after a drink of fresh water and a trip to the moonlight garden she was fine.
I was wide awake.
Relieved though and feeling blessed that I have two gorgeous dogs in my life. Feeling grumpy that I would be up in 3 hours to showering be bright and chirpy for m Facebook live.

I’m not sure I am bright and chirpy at the best of times. I’m a reserved sort of soul, with a hidden diva inside.

So this is my day. I was late for my Facebook live because my computer updated rather than just starting.
That’s okay, I can live with that.
I knocked an ornament over in my bathroom and broke it. 2 birds on a branch.
I’m sure I mentioned killing two birds with one stone yesterday. I think the universe is playing with me.

I zoomed out for my morning appointment which then over ran. I had errands and was late back fro my next Facebook live.
So I decided to shoot a video while I took the dogs for a walk – I thought I’d catch up – two birds…

My phone wasn’t playing so I ended up with a rubbish video and posted it anyway.
Next I built a landing page. Went live on two final Facebook lives of the day and here I am at 10.20 pm writing this blog with another 5 am start looming.


I am pleased with myself.

Although everything has been delayed, in the past I would have just given in, and today I continued on and delivered. Late, yes, and delivered.

There are times in the past I would have had a day like today and decided ‘no more Facebook lives, no more blog writing challenge, what’s it getting me anyway?’
The wiser me knows it gets me keeping my promises to myself, showing up for the one or two people who might stop by and need some encouragement, even if it’s from a mad woman who is floundering through the day.

I did it. I can sleep well tonight. And hopefully awake bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for coffee and a brand new start.



Steps to Consider When Your Day Is Running Away From You…

Stop, breathe and assess.

Is there anything you can trim from your schedule. Maybe that coffee break or maybe you can pick that thing up tomorrow instead of today?

Can you rescedule and appointment, get help from a friend, call in your family to pick up some of the slack.

Being on my own and building a business that no-one around me gets means I didn’t have that option today.

Usually though, it’s not the end of the world. Meetings run late, buses get missed, clients are late, computers don’t start, mobiles run out of battery and these are all fixable, cat-upable. Not the end of the world. 


Ifit feels to big a thing.

Ask for help.

Check out what you can salvage.

Make decisions when you are calm and have given yourself time to think and assess.

Sometimes things aren’t meant to go our way. Things go awry so that we take a different path, an unexpected but better path.

Breathe, assess, decide… and begin again.. even if it’s many times in one day.

I’m off to bed.

Sleep well friends and tomorrow I will share a lovely thing I’m putting together.

Remember, somethings are never as bad as they first seem. Wishing you sweet dreams of flow and magic!


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