Do you feel trapped by a fear or a Phobia?

Are you dreading your holiday this year because of the thought of getting on a plane?

Are you limiting your everyday life because you aren’t coping with certain events or situations?

Does a phobia stop you in your tracks?

Phobia Therapy - Newcastle, Northumberland & Online

NLP, Time Line & Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Phobia Therapy – Newcastle, Northumberland & Online

NLP, Time Line & Hypnotherapy for Phobias

You don’t have to let a phobia control you and your life any more.

With over 15 years of experience working with clients to overcome phobias, Heather can help. She works from offices in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Hexham, and Otterburn in Northumberland. She also works online using Zoom.


Definition: A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal. Phobias are more pronounced than fears. They develop when a person has an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about a situation or object. (NHS website).
In terms of NLP a phobia is an unconsciously learned response, which is the result of something you experienced and may (or may not) remember.


Using the very powerful and rapid tools of NLP, Time Line & Hypnosis it’s possible to help you unlearn & stop your phobic response once and for all*.

Reasons for Phobia Therapy

Overcome Debilitating Fears

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I work with you to free you from Phobias that stop you in your tracks.

How valuable would it be for you to live without your phobia?

Early Summer Discount - £125 or £167 (face to face)

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For the months of April and May 2019 I am offerring a 50% discount on Phobia Therapy.


Unlearn Many Types of Phobia

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I help with everything from fear of flying, fear of spiders/animals. agrophobia and more comlicated phobias.

Book a free call to find out more.

Free yourself

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Empower yourself to live life to the full.

In 1 session (in most cases) we can help you unlearn your Phobia and give you coping tools for the future.

Get Rapid Results

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Phobia Therapy using NLP, Time Line Techniques and Hypnotherapy are a fast effective way to unlearn your phobia.

Generally 1 session is all it takes.

However, there are exceptions, dependant upon the Phobia/Trauma and the individual.

Get Ready for Summer

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Whether it’s flying or a phobia of public events like weddings, let me help you free yourself so that you can fully enjoy summer 2019.

Why choose Heather for phobia help?

Results.  Advanced NLP, and hypnotherapy can be very effective for unlearning your phobic response. Using Time Line and Creating Your Future Techniques increase the chances of success long term.

Heather loves helping with Phobias and she’s great at it. I have been working with and training in NLP, Time Line and Hypnosis for over 15 years. I continue to support Master Trainers and build my skills so that my knowledge is current and I create great results for my clients. I love working with phobias because something so debilitating can be unlearned in a fun, rapid and powerful way. There’s nothing better than helping someone whose life is restricted to free themselves.

I have worked with agoraphobia as well as fear of flying, cats, public transport and more.

Sessions designed specifically for you.  I work with you and your specific circumstances. This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ experience. Everything is based on you and for you.

Rapid Results: Using NLP, Time Line and hypnotherapy for phobias can be very fast*.  SO whether you are planning that holiday of a lifetime, enjoying that magical wedding or having a bath without worrying about spiders, it’s possible to have a life that is phobia-free.

What happens?

Book your free session by emailing or calling 0191 6457226 and I’ll call you at the mutually agreed time to discuss your questions about NLP, Time Line and Hypnosis for Phobias.


When we meet I will work with you to help you unconsciously unlearn your phobia once and for all, using advanced NLP techniques, Hypnosis and Timeline that work with the emotional cause of your phobia & not just the effect.

You’ll also get to work with Creating Your Future Techniques and tools to help you keep calm and in control around whatever used to trigger your old response *.

You will remember the original event and won’t be triggered by it. This doesn’t mean you will love the thing you had a phobia of. You will instead  be in control and have a more appropriate response. *

* Please be aware that whilst I give you 100% effort and skill, I can’t guarantee a success. I would advise that you avoid anyone who gives a 100% guarantee. Every individual is unique and have unique experiences so it would be wrong to offer such a guarantee.

What next?

I am running an April and May promotion of £125 for your remote Phobia Session or £167 face to face.

If you would like to know more about how NLP and hypnotherapy for phobias could help you, call me on 0191 6457226 to arrange your free 20 minute consultation.  Or, enter your details in the quick contact form below and I will call you at a mutually convenient time.

My Philosophy – Heather 

I have created a unique approach to Phobia therapy that I use in every single session. During your session we will go through 4 stages – Discovery, Teaching, Unlearning and Outcomes. These stages take into account and work with events, emotions, triggers and response.

Getting Started is Easy


Free 20 Min Chat

To answer your questions and help us establish whether Phobia Therapy is the right choice for you.

Book Appointment

Book a mutaully convenient time to meet for the Phobia Therapy Session

The Session!

I allocate 1hr for the session and this can bary depending upon the phobia and your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are results Guaranteed?

Please be aware that whilst I give you 100% effort and skill, I can’t guarantee a success. I would advise that you avoid anyone who gives a 100% guarantee. Every individual is unique and have unique experiences so it would be wrong to offer such a guarantee

Where do sessions take place?

I use rooms in the following locations:
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Bellingham, Northumberland
Hexham, Northumberland
Otterburn, Northumberland
Berwick, Northumberland

How Much Does It Cost

For face to face meetings the cost is £167.

For coaching via Zoom the cost is £125.

Where I can find more about NLP, Time Line and Hypnotherapy?

You can find more here:

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