Have you ever challenged yourself to do something and been so determined and fired up you’ve gone out and achieved it, because you knew that no matter what you’d do anything to reach your goal?

Have you an annual trip, maybe related to a hobby, that you insist on attending every year, no matter what. You will be there?

Have you a dream event you want to attend? Maybe that band you’ve followed since you were nine and you will move mountains in order to get tickets?

Do you generally create the outcome you want in these circumstances?

Would you like to create what you want more consistently?

If so then continue reading and create your Blueprint…

Step 1

Have a think about a time where this is true for you, where you have created an outcome against the odds because you knew you would make it happen.

What do you see, hear and feel just before you get motivated to make that happen? Write down your answers.

What is that feeling, what is that trigger?

What if you could bottle it so that you could use it for other stuff?

What are your self-belief levels?

How clear is the picture?

Is it a movie or still?

Where is the picture in location to your body?

What does it sound like?

Is it stereo or mono?

Loud or soft?

What is the feeling?

Where is the feeling?

Is it heavy or light?

Write all of this down. Get detailed, get specific until when you read it back and go through creating that feeling, picture, sound, smell, taste that you’re really experiencing it.

“you’ll  have something you can apply to achieve success in the future, your own personal success blueprint”

Step 2

Now what’s that voice inside your head saying?

What are the words?
How are they being said?

What are the beliefs that are coming up?

What’s important to you about getting the result?

What does it give you?

What will you gain by achieving it?

What will you lose if you achieve it?

How will you feel when you have it?

 Again, write it down.

Step 3

You can go on and reflect on the times you have gotten the result you wanted and get specific about the actions you took, the thoughts you thought, the feelings, what you saw and visualised, your internal dialogue, your beliefs and what you heard as you were creating the results?

How did you tackle obstacles? What was your mind-set around obstacles?

Did you allow for any possibility of failure?

How were you flexible?

How emotionally attached were you to achieving the result?

How flexible and open were you with the ‘how’ it showed up? 

Write it all down!

Success Summary


Once you’ve answered the questions and analysed your results you’ll  have your personal recipe for success, something you can apply to achieve your goals in the future, your own success blueprint.

 Take action and apply it! Begin today!

To your success!

Heather V Masters

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