I originally posted this blog in September 2011. The message is probably more relevant now.

Tonight I decided to clear out my Google mail email as I only receive random emails there and I was drawn to revisit chats I shared with my partner in the months before he died. I wanted to look at how I’ve moved on from where I was then.

One of the saddest things I discovered were the moments that I missed. The times I wasn’t present when he was sharing how much he cared. And looking back now, devoid of all of the emotion and confusion that was present at the time, I see a different slant on the relationship, something I couldn’t see back then.

It so reminds me to be present with the people you love when they want you to be present.

We are so bombarded with demands from technology and mobile devices it is so easy to get distracted. And yet you may be missing that important moment when someone is opening their heart and you’re responding with sorry my phone’s ringing.

If you’re with someone be with them. Switch off your mobile at dinner. Close down your PC when you’re watching a movie, engage and be with each other.

When we were physically in the same space we were very aware and connected for the majority of the time. And yet I remember some specific key moments where we were not. The night before I left Johannesburg he spent the night on the internet chatting with friends. I had so wanted to spend it differently. But we weren’t to know that that would be the last time we would see each other.

If you love someone make them more important than a text message or the latest football score.

Begin to learn to be present and share with them again. Don’t allow technology to control your relationship.

You never know the moment when all opportunity is gone.

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