I wasn’t there…

He was a continent away and I wasn’t there.

I heard by email.
A shock that rocked my world.
I wasn’t there and couldn’t get to the funeral.
My soulmate had died and I wasn’t there.

To lose someone I loved was so very painful. It changed my future, how I viewed life and who ‘I’ am.

To lose someone I loved when I couldn’t say goodbye was devastating. Not only was I dealing with shock and loss but I also had this nagging feeling that it just wasn’t true. I didn’t have closure. And when it’s a person who was a master at playing elaborate tricks, I kept expecting him to turn up and surprise me.

I am shedding a tear as I write this because I remember how much life and energy he had.



I see the news of people dying alone, isolated from their loved ones, and I recall how I felt not being there at the end and not being there at the funeral.

They say the first stage of moving through grief is acceptance.
I struggled to accept because there was something missing in my attempts to say goodbye –a witnessing of some sort, a belief that he had truly gone.

I share this because someone out there may be experiencing the same thing.

I know the rules are changing (during the Pandemic) and more families are able to be there at the end;  yet there will be many who, for whatever reason, don’t get to witness the passing or the funeral of a loved one.

What Can I Share to help?

Find some way of making it real for you so that acceptance comes at a reasonable pace and in grace. It may be something very specific and personal to you (e.g. having your own ceremony). Do whatever works for you.

I hung out in hope for years for that email or knock on the door, wishing it was all one massive prank. No logical reason behind it, just a heart that struggled to let go.

In order to live life again in the way they would have wanted us to, at some point, a letting go takes place. In letting go I got to remember all of the reasons he touched my soul.

Be gentle with yourself.

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